Participating Towns

Town-MapTwelve cities and towns comprise the makeup of SCRRRA. Those cities and towns are, EastLyme, Griswold, Groton, Ledyard, Montville, New London, North Stonington, Norwich, Preston, Sprague, Stonington and Waterford. These communities have committed their municipal solid waste to the Authorities Waste-to-Energy Facility located in Preston. These towns also tap into the many services offered through the Authority, such as household hazardous waste collections, and brush grinding.

Each community has different approaches to handling their waste streams. Some, such as New London and Waterford use municipal crews and equipment to collect and transport garbage and recycling. Other towns such as Ledyard, contract out similar services to the private sector. Towns such as Sprague and North Stonington focus on providing waste services through their municipal transfer stations. Finally, some communities such as Stonington, have implemented Pay-as-You-Throw (PAYT) systems.  PAYT requires residents to purchase and use special trash bags of a unique color.  The cost of these bags includes the bag, the disposal of the bag’s trash, and some other related costs.  Stonington residents can alter their disposal habits (recycling, composting, etc.) to reduce their garbage costs.

Because of the many differences, individuals seeking specific information are directed to the municipal websites. Included here is the recycling information for each member’s town transfer stations.