Make a Freedom of Information Request

To submit an Freedom of Information (FOI) request to SCRRRA, please send a written letter to our office detailing the exact information that you are requesting.


SCRRRA will respond immediately to your request acknowledging receipt and will begin working on the request.


Mailing Address:


FOI Request
7 Hurlbutt RD, Suite 1
Gales Ferry, CT 06335


All FOI requests are subject to fees determined by the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information

Commission . SCRRRA charges $0.50 per page (8.5″ x 11″). The total fee is due at the time of pick-up. There is no charge to review documents.


The Freedom of Information Act does not require SCRRRA to create documents or perform data analysis per an FOI request. Only public documents that currently exist are subject to the law.

There is a retention schedule for all of our records – some records that have exceeded the required retention time might not be available.


If you have questions about FOI requests please contact:

Phone: 860-381-5558