Composting Helpful Tips & Hints

  • If possible, place your composting unit in an area that receives strong sunlight (this heats up the composter and accelerates the composting process).
  • Composting is the art of mixing “Greens” – food scraps, lawn clippings, etc., with “Browns” – leaves, mulch, wet paper, etc. Be sure to add leaves and mulch to cover food scraps.
  • If you see fruit flies, add a covering of “Browns” – leaves or mulch.
  • Don’t be afraid to add non-recyclable soiled paper (wet paper towels, soiled pizza boxes, ice cream boxes). Not sure? Go ahead – add soiled paper and see how it composts!
  • Composting requires water – (the lid allows some water into the unit), but keep an eye on moisture needs in a drought.
  • Mixing or stirring the compost accelerates the process.

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