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Calling all Schools & Groups!  Schools Groups , Home Schooled, Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Families and Smaller Groups, Community Groups.  Our programs have several flexible facets that are engaged depending upon the age and of the grade group.

What We Do

The mobile SCRRRA Recycling Education Class provides a learning experience about solid waste, recycling, composting, and household hazardous waste. Our educational focus integrates the subject matter into the broader environmental and science framework. Our flexible program has several customized modules that engage the attendees, depending on their age and class size. We provide a small gift to each person for attending one of our sessions. All of our education programs are FREE!



Having an event?  Would you like SCRRRA to do a presentation on Recycling / Marine Debris?  We have inactive boards, a prize wheel and videos.  We set this up like an expo.  This works with groups of any size (science fairs, school family fun nights).  We have even gone to apartment complexes to talk about recycling.   

Backyard Compost Demonstration

Interested in composting?  Looking to get the most out of your compost?  How can compost be used?  Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts.

Backyard School Composting

Interested in starting a composting program at your school?  SCRRRA can help.  From waste reduction to composting bins.

SCRRRA Jeopardy

Play SCRRRA Jeopardy! We will bring our Jeopardy board to your location.  Topics include recycling, marine debris, hazardous waste, composting, energy and natural resources.  We have several sets of questions to match the appropriate age group.  Very fun inter-active learning experience!

Trash Relay

This is great for younger kids.  We break up the group into teams.  Each team will go to the trash pile (that we provide).  They pick an item and then they need to determine if the item should go in the trash bin or the recycle bin.  After, we review each container and review with the teams the results.  This is a great way to engage the kids and have them learn a little more about recycling.

Marine Debris

We have several topics on Marine Debris that we can customize – for different ages.  This presentation would include a discussion about marine debris, a short video and then we would have a hand-on activity.  From trash traits (students assist with experiments to examine whether or not trash can float, blow around or wash away) to being a sea animal and how marine debris might affect them.

Household Hazardous Waste

We discuss SCRRRA’s regional program for the collection and proper disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW). Students are provided with demonstrations of alternative, less hazardous products their households can consider purchasing.

Recycling in Southeastern Connecticut

How and why do we recycle in SE Connecticut? What are the common (and not so common) materials are that folks can recycle? Where does your trash go? How do the communities that comprise the region handle trash and recycling?

Attendees are introduced to the history of recycling, and how the new system of mixed recycling (formally called single stream) is changing the landscape.

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