Compost Bins

Compost Bins at Cost!

$45.00 (Cash or Check Only) per Backyard Bin

 Reduces Your Trash! Fits in ANY Vehicle! Buy More Than One!

Easy to Buy – Easy to Install – Easy to Start!

Countertop Compost Pails are now available for only $6.00 each.DSCN8205


NEW PRODUCT: We now off Biobag Food Scrap Collection Bags – $3.00 for a roll of 25 bags.  Biobags take the mess out of cleaning the kitchen compost pail.  They are also great for refrigerated food storage.  Biobags “breathe” without leaking.  This unique feature allows moisture to evaporate, which keeps food “fresher” longer.  This product has been verified by the Non-GMO project.  The Biobag is also compostable!                                         

Why Compost?

Composting your food scraps at home reduces your trash and produces organic matter that returns nutrients to your soil. PLUS – it helps eliminate odors in the stored trash! The Earthsaver composters we sell are rugged and can be placed in almost any size yard. SCRRRA sells composters as one way to expand recycling and find a solution for organic waste.

Contact SCRRRA today to buy your compost bin at our cost of $45!! 860-381-5558

Contact SCRRRA today to buy The Earthsaver Compost Bin at our cost of $45!! 860-381-5558

Tough and weather resistant, The Earthsaver compost bin is made of .25 inch thick structural foam and black, recycled plastic. It is designed to hold heat inside for successful composting.

The sturdy, insulated side panels bolt together, so you won’t have to worry about breaking snaps or clogged plastic tabs. Rust-free, nylon-threaded fasteners hold up well in the outdoor elements. The two top latches hold the lid securely in place. The 2-foot-square top opening makes it easier to fill and mix the contents, and two bottom doors provide full access for harvesting the finished compost. Each door measures 15L x 10W inches.

There are no tools required to assemble The Earthsaver Compost Bin. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes. This durable compost bin is backed by a manufacturer’s 25-year limited warranty to ensure years of dependable use.

The Earthsaver Features and Benefits

• Natural insulating properties using structural foam molding – extends composting season in the colder climate zones.

• Weather resistant construction with UV stabilizers

• Dual (2) slide up doors for easy access to compost – all 4 sides are interchangeable.

• Self-watering feature allows just enough rainfall to enter through lid.

• Large locking lid for added security.

• Distinctive classic square design blends in with landscape.



Bin Specifications

Size Dimensions: Size – 28″W x 28″D x 32″H

Capacity: 11.4 cubic feet – approximately 85 gallons

Weight in lbs: 30 lbs

Materials: 75% post-consumer recycled polyethylene

Usage: Food and garden waste; Ideally suited for colder climates, but works everywhere

Key Features: Structural foam molding; 2 slide up doors; Attractive

Warranty: 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


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